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Vinny Romano

Vinny Romano excels in data-driven strategies, optimizing digital campaigns for maximum ROI.

Vinny Romano

About Vinny Romano

Vinny Romano is a seasoned professional with a rich history and deep understanding of Digital Marketing Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Web Analytics, Ad Serving, Data Analytics, Growth Marketing, and A/B Testing.

In his prior role as VP, Business Insights, Vinny has been instrumental in leveraging data to drive business decisions, ensuring that the company stays ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. His expertise in A/B testing and growth marketing strategies has played a pivotal role in optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI.

Prior to this, as the Director of Insights, Vinny was responsible for overseeing the insights team and ensuring that data-driven strategies were implemented across all marketing campaigns. His analytical approach combined with his strong grasp of digital marketing tools made him an invaluable asset to the team.

Starting his journey as a Digital Marketing Analyst, Vinny was based in the Greater Los Angeles Area and was responsible for app marketing strategies. This included optimizing app store presence and managing ad networks to drive both downloads and revenue growth.

On the educational front, Vinny holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. During his time at UCLA, he was actively involved in various societies, including Delta Sigma Phi. His early education was completed at Hauppauge High School, where he was a part of several activities and societies such as FIRST Robotics, Science Olympiad, Varsity Volleyball, and the Spanish Honor Society.

In essence, Vinny Romano's diverse experience, ranging from education to digital marketing, showcases his adaptability and commitment to excellence. His journey at First Media US is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and the value he brings to the table in the digital marketing domain.

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